October 15 is going to be a legendary date for Baltic Sea region football, not just because of the championship game but also the battle for the 3rd place! On this day 4 American football teams from 4 different countries will come together to meet each other for the first time, entertain the fans and collectively experience an epic weekend doing what they love! So here are the other two essential links for all of this to work flawlessly – Riga Lions of Latvia versus Kozly Poznan from Poland! Although it was a loss, Kozly did not give up easily when they hosted Minsk Zubrs at their home town Poznan on September 11. This time around they must travel to Riga, Latvia to meet the champions of the previous Baltic Sea League season Riga Lions at their home field. October 15 will reveal which one of the teams will gain the first victory and who will stay last?

kozly-poznan-baltic sea league

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