The Baltic Sea League believes that we were all warriors once and American football is the most natural form of expressing the bravery and fighting spirit that lies within.

Just look back at our roots and heritage – who were the Baltic people, who were the Scandinavians? How did our ancestors live in the same territories ages ago? What was common for them in everyday life and what is common for us now?


The fact is many generations ago we were fierce survivors and warriors – the Baltic Tribes, the Slavic Tribes, the Finnish Tribes, the Vikings and so on. We believe that the reason why we love American football so much is because it shares many of the qualities and similarities to the lifestyle of our ancient brothers.

Because of the armor, the game style, the planning and strategy behind it all, football is the best sport today to compare with the lifestyle of true warriors. Today as a team sport it allows the modern men to embody such heroic traits as courage, brotherhood, strength and wisdom.


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