After a successful pilot year the Baltic Sea League is looking for more American football teams from the Baltic Sea region to get involved. To ensure further development and variety of football the Baltic Sea League is eager to expand territories, meet new football teams and offer a wider spectrum of opponents. By organizing international games we want to help football progress locally in the less experienced regions and offer new and interesting opponents and abroad experiences to European countries where internally football has already been active for many decades.

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In its origin country America football is worshiped as a giant amongst other team sports. The reason many football players are seen as “Gods” is their skill set and sometimes even supernatural abilities combined with the game style that can leave any viewer speechless. To play football individually you must train more than any other team sport, you have to work on your strength, agility as well as theory and strategy. Europe also gathers a lot of great football athletes. However here most players have non-football related careers and other job responsibilities that they combine with hours of working on their shape individually and also practicing with the team daily to later on be leading quite intensive football seasons. So our question is why people who give football so much effort are being called amateurs?

In Europe football amongst other team sports seems to be underestimated and we want to move towards changing that. By using innovative and non-traditional ways we can help football reach new audience and support. By organizing international games, actively interacting with our target audience and always pushing the visual limits of displaying football, we want this sport to conquer many more European hearts just like it conquered ours. We believe that by acting together and emphasizing the highly visual side of football it is possible to expand the fan base, attract more funding and sponsorship and prove that American football is not at all inferior to soccer, basketball or hockey.


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