The Baltic Sea League represents American football – the greatest team sport of all time. We know they love football over in the United States, however in Europe it’s not as well-known and in popularity often comes after other team sports. For example in Latvia there are still people who are almost completely unaware of what American football actually is.

Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, the Baltic Sea League puts the power of good presentation first. By emphasizing the breath-taking visuality of football we bring you captivating games, entertaining events and dynamic design.


For us it is more than just a tournament. We believe in strong marketing strategy and high visual standards that incorporate all aspects of promoting, displaying and advertising American football.

The Baltic Sea League strives to raise awareness by showing people how amazing and visually pleasing this sport can be. We offer our teams a united marketing strategy and high quality visual solutions that will benefit the perception, recognition and further development of American football in the League regions.


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