The wait is over – the brand new Baltic Sea League season starts on September 10!

What are the teams? How many games? Which cities will they be played at?

We are sure you are eager to find out the answers to all of your questions and the odds are in your favor. After great exploration and negotiation we have found our perfect match for the second season.  The four teams gracing the Baltic Sea League this year will definitely guarantee you high level football games and top-notch entertainment. We will let you speculate the team names for a little while before we reveal them gloriously!

In the meantime we want to give our shout-out to the teams we got to know throughout the season creation process and all teams that showed interest in the League at some point during the year! We were happy to see international teams willing to come together in the name of football development!

BSL - season starts - 1600x1067 - 03


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