Right now we are looking for more football teams to get involved in 2016. If your team is ready to take the next step and gain international recognition the Baltic Sea League is the way to go! We can offer you a unique multilingual platform for displaying your team as well as reasonable and flexible league requirements. Our season starts in August and ends on October 15 including the playoffs and final. We are interested in having your team and we are willing to meet you halfway when it comes to traveling and logistics solutions. Scroll further to see what do we have to offer!


The season schedule for 2016 will be individually combined for each team based on the financial abilities of the team and the traveling distance between destinations. However each team is expected to play a minimum of 1 home and 1 away game in the regular season, together a minimum of 2 games in the regular season. If such interest is expressed a team can play more games than the minimal 2.




Since many countries of the Baltic Sea region are divided by a great traveling distance and the transportation of football equipment does not make it any easier, we aim to offer your team realistic traveling distances for every game. That way the teams that are separated by the longest distance would meet in cities located in the middle.


To simultaneously target all audiences, increase the interest of football and get the local fans accustomed to watching their home team play the away games as well, the Baltic Sea League 2016 will offer live worldwide game broadcasts of every game. Here is a preview of the Baltic Sea League 2015 final game broadcast.



The Baltic Sea League is very proactive when it comes to portraying American football in high definition by using social media and appealing visual aids. To achieve a united and like-minded appearance for all teams our designers will develop an outlook package for each team individually. The season outlook package will include game posters, teasers, standing and statistics updates as well as other visual elements specific to American football. To achieve the best results and acquire new crowds we want our teams to have a common and fresh presence during the season.