The Baltic Sea League is an American football tournament that in 2015 gathered 5 teams from Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. The League gave a chance to young and ambitious football teams to face foreign opponents, gain experience through collective training camps and uplift the common level and popularity of football in their hometowns.


The 13 games played throughout 2015 season successfully proved the importance of collaboration between countries and football teams of different regions. During the season Baltic Sea League gained international attention and earned many new followers locally.


The League final was played between Riga Lions of Latvia and Tartu Titans from Estonia on October 3, 2015 in Riga, Latvia. The final game was viewed by more than 300 fans at the stadium and exactly 1152 via live broadcast. Both were record high numbers for live audience not just for football in the Baltic State region, but also a record amongst sports such as rugby and soccer that unlike American football have been active in the region for over 30 years. At that the Baltic Sea League and American football was making history.